Friday, January 11, 2008

What is a Dualrailleur Chain Line?

With the bash guard removed and through a progression of overlay pictures, you notice how the chain line is very high in the Dualrailleur Guide. This prevents the chain from dropping on to the granny much like a single ring chain guide. We have designed the Dualrailleur to utilize the proven derailleur cage ramping system to maximize shifting efficiency, and then extended the entering and exiting area to calm the chain as it travels through the guide. The Dualrailleur has 4 to 6 times the surface area when compared to just a standard derailleur, so the chain is actually trapped on the sprockets. Plus you can adjust how close you run the guide next to your chain. The bottom of the guide hangs below the chain line to prevent the chain from jumping to the granny in even the roughest conditions. In my opinion if the derailleur did such a good job by its self, then there would be no need for single ring guide. Everyone would just use a derailleur, they are a lot cheaper. Made of Polycarbonate (the same material used for bullet proof glass) the chain glides effortlessly through the guide. Polycarbonate is much more expensive, but is a harder and slicker surface then the plastic other companies have chosen to use. We could have made a cheaper guide but we demand the best performance and didn’t want to be just another dual ring system. Dual Ring Chain Guide

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