Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What makes the Dualrailleur Guide a better dual ring chain guide?

The surface area of the Dualrailleur Guide is approximately 2.5 times greater on the inner plate, 3 times on the outer plate, and has 4 times more surface area on the bridge than a standard derailleur. Made from Polycarbonate the the same material used in Bullet Proof Glass.

The design of the extra surface area calms all the chain whip generated by extremely rough conditions prior to entering the front sprocket. This enables the chain to flow to the selected sprocket with out jumping or jamming. We have designed the guide to work in concert with the patented ramping system of the Shimano derailleur.

In the middle ring configuration the inner plate of the Dualrailleur hangs well below the chain line preventing the chain from dropping to the granny gear the same way a single ring downhill chain guide works. The chain is actually trapped between the bash guard, top and side of the Dualrailleur Guide, on the sprocket.

When shifting to the granny gear, the Dualrailleur moves as part of the front derailleur, so the whole guide shifts to align the small ring chain line. The inside of the guide is perfecly matched to the Roller Inner Plate. Once again trapping the chain between the middle ring and the inner roller plate.

The unique shape of bottom of the Dualrailleur Guide inner plate mates with our Roller Inner Plate with only a gap of 5 to 10mm, there is no way a chain can derail and drop to the frame. this is not something any other company can equal. Yes we give you the roller tensioner as others, but much more. We feel the true control for the chain is accomplished on the top where the chain is going to come in contact with the sprockets, that is why single ring chain guide are used not just derailleur.

The relationship between the Bash ring, the Dualrailleur and our inner backing plate traps the chain so there is no possible way for the chain completely derail.

The Dualrailleur Guide was designed to integrate with the Shimano FD-770 top swing, FD-770 E-Type and the FD-771 bottoms swing derailleur. The Shimano derailleur in include with the Guide. Patent Pending

Other true guides limit your use to one sprocket, and the current dual ring systems only tension the chain allowing the chain to jump between front sprockets and even derail. The Dualrailleur Guide has incorporated the best of both worlds allows you to take full advantage of a dual ring chain configuration resulting in more ability to maneuver steep terrain and promote safety.
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